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FIT FACTOR NEWS March 1, 2021
Spring into Fitness Starting Now

Happy Monday my friends,

It might not seem possible right now, but springtime is just around the corner. And whether you have been staying active all winter (and pandemic) or not, it is not too soon to start thinking about increasing your exercise routine and paying more attention to your diet. Although we live in Florida, this crazy winter will end soon – we promise. So will Covid-19 restrictions on our daily lives. So, rather than get caught unprepared, let’s consider a few tips to spring forward (like daylight saving time) for a blooming season of healthy living. 

  1. Lift weights. If you are not already practicing resistance training of some kind, you should be all year round. Strength training is good for your bones, your balance, and preventing age-related loss of muscle (Sarcopenia), which leads to all sorts of problems. For generations, we were taught that getting frail and creaky was inevitable. Not true!
  2. Hit the road. Depending on how the weather where you live, you might be feeling cooped up indoors. So be sure to enjoy your town’s walkability features on trails or parks by walking, jogging, or biking.
  3. Stay fresh. Farmer's markets should be popping up soon. They are a great way to eat fresh and eat local, and to be sure you are getting all the necessary nutrients along the way.
  4. Are you ready for gardening? If you love working in the yard, then you need to be strong and have the endurance and flexibility to do it. You do not want to bounce up off the couch after six months and just start. See us first; we will help get you ready.
  5. Keep your regular appointments. Have you checked in with your doctor lately for Rx refills – and a discussion about seasonal allergies that might be coming back? Or stress related to Covid-19 and weather? Or a few pounds you might have gained? Resist the urge to shrug off the dentist, the eye doctor, and others who help keep you moving.
  6. Spring cleaning. How many of us have overflowing junk drawers and frightening hall closets at this point? Start the season right by scrubbing the decks and getting your household organized – at least for the next few months.
  7. Set a date. Schedule a date this spring to run or walk a 5K, host a socially distanced picnic with friends you have not seen lately, or drive to a scenic spot for a hike. This will be good practice!

Look, we know it is hard to eat right and exercise sometimes in normal circumstances, let alone during times like these. But drop the excuse. It might be even more powerful motivation.        

We’re here for you. Let’s talk. 

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Little Bottle of Sweet

If you normally take your coffee or tea sweetened, then give this calorie+sugar-free tip a try: Carry a bottle of liquid stevia.

Stevia comes from the stevia leaf and is a more natural alternative than artificial sweeteners. A few drops in your coffee adds the perfect amount of sweetness without any grams of sugar.



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